I receive a lot of nice messages through my YouTube comments section. It’s one of my favorite things about the boom my channel has experienced these last few months!

But, recently, one comment in particular stuck out from the rest…

Charlie, a member of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, wrote in to let me know that my Paint Treated Wood video had been particularly helpful to their organization.

The NYMR is a historical preservation society in Pickering, England. Through volunteer efforts and a not-for profit trust, the NYMR maintain an 18-mile stretch of historic railway running through the North York Moors National Park.

Charlie informed me that the NYMR were looking to replace the seat tops and back rests for their original station benches with treated lumber.

NYMR bench seats unpainted

Photo courtesy of NYMR

Uncertain whether or not treated lumber could be painted like regular lumber, they went searching for answers online…and found my video.

(INTERESTING FACT: In Britain and other parts of the world, treated lumber is called “tantalised” lumber.)

Needless to say, the benches got painted and came out looking great! Charlie was even nice enough to send before and after shots of the project.

NYMR benches without seats

Photo courtesy of NYMR

NYMR finished bench

Photo courtesy of NYMR

Look at the incredible vintage bench supports. They look like knurled tree limbs, and they support the bench seat with a minimum of structure. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Unexpected interactions like this one are a major bonus for bloggers and YouTubers—they let us measure the actual impact of our work in the world, which motivates us to keep putting in time to create content.

AND, without this video and Charlie’s outreach, I never would have learned about the NYMR!

This incredible organization is a massive labor of love and ingenuity. Only dedicated professionals with years of collective experience could manage a project of this scale and level of detail.

NYMR Repton Train

Photo courtesy of NYMR–Their Repton Class train!

To find out more about their operation, be sure to check out the NYMR website here.

If you’re in the Pickering area, you can even book a time to ride their trains–including their antique Pullman Dining Carriage!

And, if you can’t make it but want to support the NYMR, they offer books and DVDs, gift vouchers, and much more through their website.

So, I want to say thanks again to Charlie and the NYMR for taking the time to reach out to The Honest Carpenter to let us know how our small impact is being made.

If I’m ever in Pickering, I’m swinging by their historic railway—and I’m booking a ride on the Footplate!



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