These are the best tools and materials that we have used professionally. Many of these products also have the best value in their field! (The following content contains affiliate links.)


Table Saw

I’ve used Dewalt table saws for years now. Best contractor-grade saws, in my opinion.


Miter Saw

This 12″ compound from Dewalt is all the saw that most DIYers will need.

Circular Saw

Makita’s circular saw has long been my go-to job site saw. Strong and sturdy!

Corded Drill

This Skil is a great, affordable 1/2″ drill for continuous drilling.

Large Router

I’ve used this Bosch 12-amp router for several years now. Comes with fixed base and plunge!

Small Router

Makita’s compact router has the most efficiency at the best cost these days.

Compressor / Brad Nailer Combo

Porter Cable has the best package for this combo, at the best price.


Bosch makes a really good 7-amp jigsaw with a ton of top reviews.

Electric Planer

I’ve trimmed a lot of doors with this PC dual-port planer.

Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee invented this saw–I think they still do it the best.

Oscillating Multi-tool

Porter Cable has the highest-rated multi-tool, with plenty of attachments!

Rotary Tool

If you don’t use rotary tools much, you can’t beat Wen’s price for a decent one!


Impact Diver

Dewalt’s 20-v lithium ion driver is strong, durable, and highly-rated!

Cordless Drill

The 20v Dewalt drill performs as highly as their driver–probably the most purchased drill in the U.S.

Drill/Driver Combo

Save half on both of these with the best all-around drill/driver combo!

Oscillating Multi-tool

Dewalt has blown out competitors with this high-quality 20v kit.

Rotary Tool

Dremel’s cordless rotary tool kit: low cost, high delivery.

Recip Saw Cordless

For under $100, Dewalt is my choice here.



Estwing’s 16 oz. hammer is under $20 and highly reliable.

Speed Square

Speed squares have many uses–and Swanson’s is the best (under $10!)

Tape Measure

Stanley’s Powerlock 25′ outsells every tape measure on the market.

Utility Knife

I use Stanley’s knife on every job, and it’s under $5!


The 6-in-1 is the most useful, versatile hand tool every invented!


Klein’s 11-in-1 screwdriver has everything you need, including nut-driver sockets.

“Cat’s Paw”

A “Cat’s Paw” nail puller is the best tool for prying up embedded fasteners.


Stanley makes a great, affordable 3-chisel set.

Nail Set

Stanley ALSO makes great nail sets, with rubber grips (under $10).


Mud Pan

Edward Tools has a great rust-proof 13″ pan here for a great price.

12″ Taping Knife

Level5 makes a really decent 12″ taping knife.

10″ Taping Knife

Warner’s 10″ taping knife is an equally good deal.

8″ Taping Knife

Level5 takes over again with this 8″ bluesteel knife.

Margin Trowel

I’ve always found a margin trowel very useful for mixing mud!

Knives/Pan Combo

Dewalt’s multi-part drywall kit here is a great way to get everything in one stroke!


Occidental Belt

This Occidental Fat Lip is the rig I’ll probably die in. Truly pro class (though pricey).

Occidental Harness

A belt that luxurious needs something fancy to keep it up!

Leather Apron

A $20 leather apron belt is all most DIYers really need. Versatile and tough.


Exterior Screws

Exterior-grade screws are strong and handy for many outdoor projects.

Drywall Screws

Drywall screws, on the other hand, can handle most indoor projects just fine.

Brad Nails

A multi-pack of 18-gauge brad nails will take you a long way!


Titebond 2

Titebond 2 is the best all-purpose wood glue. Indoor and outdoor.

Super Glue

Gorilla super glue is the fastest, strongest project adhesive around.

5-minute Epoxy

Two-part epoxy is crazy strong, and it can fill gaps!


6′ Step Ladder

Werner’s 6′ fiberglass step ladder is light and multi-functional.

8′ Step Ladder

I’ve been using this 8′ Louisville for a long time.

3-Step Stool

Rubbermaid’s 3-step stool is perfect for reaching things under 8′.


Rare Earth Magnets

These ultra-strong magnets are useful in many DIY projects.