When my old Hitachi died, I bought this Black and Decker jigsaw because it had high reviews. Two months in, I can’t believe how quality it is–and under $50!
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Probably the best all-around feature of the Black + Decker Smart Select is the “curve control” knob. This little wheel lets you control tension on the blade.


Essentially, if you’re making tight-radius cut, you can dial down the tension on the blade. This will let the blade curve more freely to navigate the cut.


BLACK+DECKER jigsaw “Curve Control” knob

On the other hand, if you’re making longer, straight cuts, you can increase tension to stiffen the blade. This helps the blade track more securely along your cut line, with less wandering and deviation.


With 5 amps, the saw has plenty of power for all the materials I routinely cut.


And the adjustable shoe lets you make bevel cuts with more control!

BLACK+DECKER jigsaw tension adjustable shoe

BLACK+DECKER jigsaw tension adjustable shoe


Again, for its price range and versatility, this thing is a steal. I may test out other jigsaws in the future. But, for the time being, I don’t see any reason to upgrade to anything else!


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