Typically, a multi-bit screwdriver comes with 4 bits; 2 flat slotted and 2 Phillips. They also come with 2 nut drivers. This screwdriver from Klein Tools comes with 8 bits and 3 nut drivers! The additional bits are 2 square drive and 2 Torx. All of the bits are blast-finished to reduce cam-out. As a nice bonus, you can get replacement bits if you lose any,

Also, the screwdriver has a nice fat handle, with a cushion grip. No more trying to turn a tight screw, only to have the handle slip in your hand!

Our affiliate link is below. When I posted the link, there were over 15,000 reviews, 86% of which were 5 star! Another 10% were 4 star.

Probably, you’ve never heard of Klein Tools. They are an American hand tool company, founded in 1857! (Full disclosure: unlike many of their tools, the screwdriver is made in China.) The company is still owned and managed by the Klein family. Their tools are used a lot by tradespeople. In my 30+ years of construction, all of the electricians I worked with used Klein tools.

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