Circular Saw Blade – how to safely change one

In this post I take you through the principles of changing a circular saw blade. As you might imagine, I put an emphasis on safety. Here's a Youtube video of Ethan's that demonstrates a blade change: Tool List: I've used Makita circular saws for over 30 years. Here's...

Drill vs Driver – two tools, different uses

In this post, I explain the difference between a drill and an impact driver, or just "driver". How are they different and what do we use them for? Below is a video that Ethan did on the subject. But hey, please Dear Reader, help an old man out and read this post. I...

French Cleat – Hang heavy objects securely!

This post explains the French cleat. French cleats are the strongest, most adaptable mounting system in all of carpentry. As a bonus, they're exceedingly simple to build. That's why they get used in shops and houses around the world. Here's a Youtube video of Ethan's...

Door latch – mine doesn’t!

One of the most common calls a handyman gets is when someone's door latch is not working properly. This can result in a door popping open, with embarrassing results. Especially if it's a bathroom door! Below, I describe some steps to make this repair. Here's a video...

Drywall Anchors? Mounting Plates Are Much Stronger!

I'm not a big fan of drywall anchors. Of course, they have their time and place, but I think people use them too often. Or in situations where they're not really effective. They hang heavy things from them. And use them to mount fixtures that get touched and jostled a...

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step ladder feet can be replaced

My step ladder is losing its feet! What do I do?

Step ladder feet wear out and fall off–but you don’t have to throw the ladder away! Did you know that the feet can be replaced? Just drill out the rivets, push replacements in and add fasteners. But be sure to verify your brand when searching for new feet!

Alternatively, to keep your step ladder feet from wearing out in the first place, you might want to get “rubber boots” that slip on over the existing feet. Here’s a link:

Rubber non-slip pads


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