We are a team of former contractors who now dedicate ourselves to providing construction advice to real estate investors and homeowners nationwide.



FOR Homeowners

What we do and do not consult on

Major Repairs

Are you concerned that you have a potentially critical problem in your home? Honest Carpenter consultants can offer an informed, impartial opinion on the situation before you approach contractors, thereby helping you identify and avoid predatory repair schemes.

Home Inspection Reports
Many prospective homebuyers feel overwhelmed by home inspection reports. Our experts can help interpret the importance and relevance of your inspection report line items, suggest likely cost of repairs, and give you the knowledge you need to make your real estate decisions wisely.
Estimate and Proposal Analysis

Good contracting projects begin with good estimates and proposals. Our experts can analyze the construction elements of your project estimates (focusing on scope of work, time frame and cost) and help identify vague or disconcerting language and fees. This one small step can save you countless headaches and expenses!

Water/Storm Damage

Water intrusion is the single largest threat to the health of a house. Honest Carpenter experts can help you identify water damage, pinpoint intrusion spots, plan an effective
remediation, and even prevent future water problems.

Contractor Issues
Dealing with contractors can be a tricky experience—and no one knows more about it than professional tradespeople! Honest Carpenter experts can offer you keen advice on how to keep your contractor honest and focused on your project. We may even be able to help get your current contracting situation back on track when it seems to be heading off the rails!
DIY Solutions
Like to tackle your own projects but still want a little professional guidance? Our expert
consultants are highly skilled tradespeople with extensive, real-world experience. We can
help solve your DIY problems, advising you on best material selection, tool choice and labor
methods. Think of it as “Phone A Friend” for DIYers!
General Home Knowledge/Advice

We here at the Honest Carpenter love to educate our clients on the all-important fundamentals of home construction and maintenance. The more you know about your home, the better equipped you will be to protect your investment and make strong contracting decisions!

Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC
Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC are specific trades that fall outside of our area of expertise, and therefore we do not consult on them in depth. (Please note that portions of these topics will inevitably come up in most home inquiries, and can sometimes be addressed at a basic level. However, specific and complex questions will be deferred to specialists.)
Legal Issues
Honest Carpenter consultants are not legal experts, and do not offer legal advice or
guidance. Only qualified lawyers and attorneys should be approached for questions
regarding legal issues.

Client’s View

Expert’s View

How We Consult

HONEST CARPENTER consultations take the form of 1-hour PHONE OR VIDEO CHATS between clients and experts.

Our current rate is: $90 PER CONSULTATION.

PLEASE NOTE: Consultations include approx. 15 minutes lead time for experts to review client photos and documents / approx. 45 minutes phone time.(Outstanding time can be rolled over in 15-minute intervals!)

How To Book A Consultation

Booking with Honest Carpenter Consulting is easy! Just click any red button labeled “Book Now” on this site.

You will be directed to a simple form where you can enter relevant information, followed by an online payment portal. (Be prepared to enter credit or debit information.)

Thank you for choosing Honest Carpenter Consulting!


Ross with TheHonestCarpenter.com looked over quotes for extensive (and expensive) basement repairs, facetimed with me, followed up by email and was able to offer expert advice that saved me over 5 thousand dollars – and the peace of mind that I was making the right choice. I’ve been burned by botched repair jobs in the past. This is an incredible service that I will be using for jobs big and small in our house!
–Kristina B.
North Carolina

I had a leak on the side of my house and I was at my wits end trying to discover the source. I had contacted roofers, plumbers, and contractors to diagnose, but everyone was stumped….I worked with Ross from Honest Carpenter Consulting over video chat.  I showed him my issue and he listened to my concerns….Armed with the knowledge received from Ross, we were finally able to identify the issue and get it fixed!
–Chase N.

I had a consulting session with Honest Carpenter Consulting in October 2020.  I am a novice with DIY home repairs but took on the job of repairing substantial wood rot in my master bedroom balcony.  Ross was very easy and comfortable to talk to.  He explained some concepts regarding the construction of my balcony such that after the session was over I realized some additional things I needed to do differently….I would recommend anyone to have a session with him.
–Doug B.


    • (Note: If you would like to consult by phone, please be prepared to supply 2-5 pictures through our automatic email function. This will help our experts provide far more detailed advice.)
    • No identifying information will be displayed.
    • Our current rate is: $90 PER CONSULTATION